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The Exit Speed Developer is a revolutionary swing training aid that rethinks how baseball players build strength and hitting power. Advancing the traditional donut weight, Mach 1, Mach 2 and Mach 3 utilize a durable terry cloth parachute sized to suit your training level that creates drag throughout the extension and finish of the swing, providing complete resistance for the duration of the swing. Now you’re building strength, not using momentum, to follow through.

Exit Speed. Maximize your hitting power.


The Best hitting device I have ever used.

Nick Shailes, Australia Men’s National Team

Testimonial 6

Was able to increase my Exit Speed Velocity from an average of 98MPH to a consistent 108MPH in only 3 weeks of training.

Avery Cooke- ECL Baseball

Testimonial 8

"Why didn't someone think of this before?"


There is no device out there on the market that can help you develop power the way the Exit Speed developer does.

Bruno Montroni, Argentina National Team

Testimonial 5

Had a girl hit 2 out of the park today. First over the fence homeruns for our U16 team, a coincidence we are Exit Speed Swing users.

Colin Bush, Head Coach, Cole Harbour U16 Comets

Testimonial 7

"This ****** thing really works!"

Testimonial 9

"Game Changer"


The girls really like the workout the Exit Speed device provided. We experienced quick improvements after only a few uses.

Sebastine Gervasutti, Spain Women’s National Team (Bilboa, Spain)


Exit Speed Developer is a great device to help hitters reach their power potential.

Carlos Gonzalez, Men’s Fastball (Merida, Mexico)

How Does It Work?


Learn the six steps that make the "perfect" swing... and how the Exit Swing Developer can make it even better.


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